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Bottle and the Throttle, The

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Bottle and the Throttle, The

Published 1965

Studies problems of drinking and driving, emphasizing the error of the statement that you must be drunk before your driving ability is materially impaired. Uses the story of a teenage couple who are involved in a serious accident on the way home from the beach.

Eighteen year old Bill drinks some beer with his friends at the beach and hits a mother with her child crossing the street while driving afterwards. Although he has not drunk enough to be faced with a drunk driving charge, he must live with the knowledge that he killed a child and crippled a mother.
Close-up of red rotating police light.
Woman and child lying on street near stopped white Mustang and are being covered up by two police officers. A purse and a doll are scattered on the street.
Police officer leading young man in sobriety test.
Animation drawing of alcoholic beverage being consumed, a flaming cartoon liver, modular brain with gadgets in it and widely vibrating line. Cartoon figure punching another and flexing muscles.
Swerving and wavering drunk driving vehicle on one lane road.
Close-ups of a variety of alcoholic beverages, some being mixed.
Animation drawing of clock hands spinning.
Close-ups of smashed front and rear ends of vehicles and smashed windshield.
Close-up of cigarette being put out in empty and progressively fuller ashtray.
Very rapid zoom in on man's alarmed face (mouth open) driving a car.
"Teenagers" chugging Hamm's beer at a lakeside party, casually making shots with cans at the trash, young woman happily opens a can of beer which sprays on her, close-up of teenage guy chugging a Hamms.
Woman and child crossing the street are approached by speeding car, close-up of alarmed woman's face, bike rolling out from front of vehicle, woman rolling across hood.
Close-up of police officer 's face with moustache and helmet.
Police car in foreground, handcuffed young man being put into police car in background which then drives away.

15:58:29:06 CU spinning flashing red lights of police siren.

15:58:39:14 Police officers investigate scene of accident on street; Ford Mustang on road in front of several bodies sprawled on the ground; people on sidewalk, men, women and children, stop to watch. Ambulance pulls up. VS police interrogate young man.

15:59:51:19 Great animated dark expressionist cartoon of human body taking drink from company as audio track explain effects of alcohol on the body, illustration of liver on fire beside ticking clock.

16:00:10:21 CU mug of beer beside shot of whisky on bar counter. Animated expressionistic anatomical cartoon explaining alcohol’s effect on the body.

16:00:31:07 Great animated anatomical drawing of human body with zigzag line cutting through center of frame indicating heart rate and mechanical blinking lights, switches and dials indicating the functioning of the brain.

16:01:13:18 VS 1970s car driving on California road cutting through dry terrain; CU man in car blinking eye groggily; POV shot from inside car; man tries to pass another car on a curve, and is nearly hit by oncoming car coming around the corner; CU man wipes face if relief.

16:01:50:12 CU two shots of whisky beside two beers on bar counter.

16:01:58:03 Red stoplight. Man in car wits at light; CU green light.

16:02:13:28 CU disembodied hands of bar tender pours three shots into glass filled with ice.

16:02:33:27 POV shot man driving down street, shot goes blurry as car passes through intersection.

16:03:06:02 CU four beers and two cocktails.

16:03:41:00 Animated anatomical cartoon drinking alcohol; CU drawing of flaming liver beside ticking clock; CU cartoon ticking clock.

16:03:53:12 CU VS dents, broken windshields, smashed up parts of cars.

16:04:14:06 great shot CU photographer looks into his camera face camera holding large external flash snaps picture.

16:04:23:07 CU camera flash flashes.

16:04:31:21 VS man smokes cigarette at bar; CU disembodied hands puts out cigarette in ash tray; CU man takes drink; VS man order another drink; CU ash tray full with cigarette buttes; man pays bar tender and leaves bar; man steps into car, POV shot car quickly approaching; CU man with mouth open in fear just before collision.

16:05:32:25 MS young man and woman drinking beer cheers. LS groups young people on picnic benches and beach towels drinking beer at lake.

16:05:51:12 MS young woman seated at picnic bench opens can of Budweiser and laughs as foam from beer sprays on her, another can of Schlitz beer is on the picnic table.

16:05:54:26 CU young man chugs can of beer; LS young man throws can of beer toward camera missing the trash can, young man gets up with young woman and leave in his car; VS couple driving in car, POV shot man tries to pass, driver passed shakes head; CU distracted driver talks to girl in passenger seat; POV shot women and her daughter crossing street; CU feet slam on break; CU woman’s face screaming, woman roles over hood of car.

16:07:16:12 VS Police officer in standing in front of West Covina Police car talks to young man; CU young man bites bottom lip; CU police officer with moustache wearing a helmet; police officer handcuffs young man.

Great footage of late 1960s Culver City, California.

21:51:33:22 VS MS nervous young man seated on grass biting bottom lip; police officers attend to woman hit by a car, lying in street of suburban neighborhood, ambulance pulls up; officer grabs young man by arm, two men stop to look woman lying in stretcher loaded into 1960s ambulance; officer takes man to Culver City police car, woman sits in back seat of police car crying, running mascara beneath her eyes; officer gives man sobriety test, makes man blow into a balloon.

21:53:37:04 CU bottle of pure ethyl alcohol. Doctor holding rulers traces path of alcohol entering the circulatory system on a anatomical drawing.

21:53:53:22 CU bottle of Budweiser beside a shot of whisky.

21:54:25:26 VS drunk man driving 1960s car, POV shot from passenger seat in car; car tailgating tries to make pass into oncoming traffic; CU foot hits gas pedal.

21:55:15:09 Two men in white work suits fixing a traffic signal.

21:55:59:03 POV shot from passenger seat of car driving up straight two lane strip of California highway. VS CU drunk drivers tired eyes and face while behind the wheel; car swerves.

21:57:00:08 CU bottle of Budweiser beside shot of whisky; wall clock superimposed over shot reads 11:05

21:57:44:16 Bartender serves man a martini, man eats the olive, then takes sip of drink from hand also holding a cigarette; CU full ashtray, man pays tab then leaves bar smoking a cigarette.

21:58:28:14 Disembodied hand inserts key in ignition; car pulls out of parking lot into oncoming traffic; CU man covers his head before impact.

21:58:45:20 CU young man takes swig from beer can; VS young people on California beach in early 1960s drinking beer on grass; young man finishes drink then leaves friend with his girlfriend; couple driving in 1950s car; car recklessly passes 1960s car; POV shot car approaching mother walking child with tricycle across the street; CU boy’s foot slams on break.

22:00:11:29 CU disembodied hand of police office unscrews balloon from breathelizer test; pan up to CU young man’s distressed face; police officer measuring car’s skid marks; man is directed into back seat of 1960s police car, police car drives away down Culver City suburban street followed by motorcycle police officer.

Producer Davis (Sid) Productions
Production Company Davis (Sid) Productions
Audio/Visual sound, color


Produced with the cooperation of the West Covina Police Department.


Reviewer: JulieMeitz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 20, 2014
Subject: Another good Sid prod.
Another good Sid prod. ; very to the point, brute honest dialogue (with words like "stupid"), along with cool 60's cut-out art diagrams of the body under the influence of drinking. Maybe not the best Sid prod, but good for source footage indeed...
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